Grillin Charr is Charr from the Buffalo Trace Distillery Barrels. This charr is scrapped from the barrel after it has been aging Buffalo Trace Bourbon for 4 to 23 years. This Grillin Charr is perfect to give your food that hint of smokey bourbon flavor to your food. Simply put 8oz of Grillin Charr in a pan, let it heat up in your grill for about 15 minutes. When you are ready to start grilling your food, add a little apple juice, orange juice or water to your Grillin Charr and close the lid to your grill and let the food soak up those hints of bourbon flavor and spices.

Grillin Charr

  • Grillin Charr is flamable and should be handled with care. When storing Grillin Charr, it is recommended after opening to refridgerate. This will keep in the flavor longer.