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Franklin County, Kentucky

Tony Davis

My Story

Our Kentucky Knows

Late one night I was crafting one of our reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels. Just as I started I heard a knock, the knock got louder as if someone was inside the bourbon barrel. As I started cutting the stave's the barrel head popped off and out came the KNOWS..., the Kentucky Knows. He's always been inside the barrels, it took us to let him out.

Bourbon Craft

Hand Crafted From Bourbon Barrels

My inspiration struck me during my travels throughout California.  I went to various places in California such as Sonoma, Napa Valley, and San Francisco.  During these experiences throughout the state and abroad is where I felt the passion for the craft and knew what I was meant to do.   It was here in California were local artisans were telling their story of California.   After returning home from my travels of the world my inspiration derived; no one was telling the story of Kentucky through the Bourbon barrel,  it was only being shared through the bottle.

My Coffee

My coffee sleeps in the barrel

My coffee comes from 100% Arabica beans from Antigua, Guatemala. My beans are roasted inside a 1952 German gas belt-fed drum Probat coffee roaster. My coffee is roasted to the second crack, which is a medium city roast.

My coffee sleeps in the Buffalo Trace Distillery barrel, where it picks up those hints of bourbon, vanilla, and spices. Click the Learn More for the various flavors I offer.

Care + Quality = Health

What Really Matters

Most big box store coffee has hidden ingredients and chemicals that you may not be aware of. Lots of store-bought grounded coffee has dirt, corn, twigs, dye, acai seed, brown sugar, and preservatives. Due to the large increase in demand for coffee, this is what could by in yours. Click "learn more" to why you should purchase my quality coffee, as well as, the health benefits.