Really Matters



Quality is very important to me. Quality starts with the quality of the bean, the type of bean, the ripeness of the cherries, the handling of the cherries, shipping practices, how the beans are aged in Buffalo Trace Distillery barrels, roasting, and lastly, the freshness that you enjoy with Kentucky Knows Coffee. All of these processes require attention to detail and care. I only sell the greatest quality and never any second best. I want you to experience the best coffee you have ever tasted and that comes with quality at its core. 

These quality standards don't just apply to my coffee but also to the bourbon barrel craft. Each piece is handmade. All efforts are done to make a great looking and functional piece that will last. As I make my crafts I always try new ways to make it better, last longer, and durable. All pieces are made with care, passion, and skill.



The main reason for starting Kentucky Knows was for family and community. I wanted to create something that represents family. That's why I started with the cutting board. I wanted cooking to initially be the focus of my craft and bring family together.

I want to create an environment in Frankfort, Kentucky that allows families and the community to come and experience Kentucky Knows, the craft, the coffee, and what it all represents. I want to share the history of Kentucky, the story of the barrel, and the craft that is made from it. When you walk into my shop, I want you to take in the aroma of the barrel aged coffee. I want you to feel welcome and relaxed. I want you to look at the Buffalo Trace Distillery barrels. I want to tell you my story and what Kentucky Knows.



There recently has been more and more studies showing the health benefits of drinking black coffee. Studies are also showing that drinking naturally occurring caffeine can actually assist in making you smarter. Drinking coffee causes the brain to become more active by firing more neurons, allowing you to think faster and more efficiently.

Other health benefits of coffee have also been shown to have other health affects than being alert and helping you get smarter. there are also heart benefits as well. Drinking coffee helps reduce the risk of heart failure. Coffee has also been shown to reduce Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, may lower the risk of Parkinson’s, liver disease, can help fight depression and make you happier, I know is makes me happier! There are many more health benefits and reasons to drink coffee. When you think of coffee, think of Kentucky Knows!