Kentucky Knows Bourbon Barrel Aged Flavors:


Kentucky Bourbon:

You will taste and enjoy Kentucky in every cup. Your palate will pick up a hint of Buffalo Trace Kentucky bourbon and it's not to harsh or bitter, just a gentle splash.


Caramelled Barrel Aged:

Your palate will pick up more notes of the caramelized sugars and hints of spices, as well, as the bourbon barrel wood releasing those tannin sugars from the soaking of Buffalo Trace bourbon, which sleeps inside the barrel.


Bourbon Ball Barrel Aged:

 For those chocolate and pecan lovers; only a hint of Buffalo Trace bourbon will hit the spot. The balanced taste of these will curb that sweet tooth in which we all crave in our coffee. 


Bourbon Cinnamon:

If you like cinnamon with a hint of bourbon, this will sure kick off the buffalo into gear. You are sure to enjoy this barrel aged coffee. The nose on this cup will surely kick that stuffy cold.  



For the lovers of freshly roasted coffee and not the fan of bourbon, then this coffee is definitely for you. It has the medium city roast with a slight smokey flavor.

Butterscotch Cream:

The classic taste of melted butter with fresh cream goes perfect to a delicious cup of coffee. Enhance it more with a hint of sugar and cream for a delightful treat and a hint of Buffalo Trace bourbon. A fantastic way to start your day or finish a meal.

Butterscotch Pecan:

Fine hints of butterscotch flavors married perfectly with toasted pecans. The full-bodied pecan is a perfect delight in your coffee. The butterscotch and bourbon flavors hit the pallet with a subtle and balanced profile that is tasted in each exceptional sip.





Cowboy Barrel Aged:

 My favorite!  The cowboy coffee is so awesome with its natural notes of caramelized sugars and vanillas with a shot of bourbon. On the nose, you will experience a sweet smokey but crisp taste on the palate. It won't put hair on your chest but it will give you the get-up and go to ride that horse.


Pumpkin Barrel:

(Seasonal only- August through December)  Having just a sprinkle of bourbon with your pumpkin coffee is the best. We handcraft this like no other. It has a little extra kick of cloves and pumpkin spices in it to wake up your nose and a little nibble from Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels.


Barrel Mo-Ky:

(Pronounced barrel moka)  This is a 35-year-old hot chocolate recipe.  Although it's not my recipe it is one to share with your family.  use (1) one - (3) three scoops with your hot bourbon barrel coffee, water or milk.  Or, for your family experience, use (1) one gallon of milk and place into an approved container. Place it in the microwave to heat for (15) minutes, transfer to a crockpot, pour in 12 ounce's of our Barrel MO-KY, stir from the bottom up, pour, and serve over marshmallows in your own cup.

Crème Brûlée:

Fine hints of toasted marshmallow flavors of caramelized sugars with a smooth crème flavor that reminds you of that famous decadent dessert. Treat yourself to a five-star dessert with each cup.


One of the newest sensations of Kentucky Knows is the Bourbon Barrel Aged Praline. With an infused flavor of bourbon butter brown sugar with a slow-roasted pecan is surely a taste to indulge.

Chocolate Chipotle:

Notes of pepper spice and chocolate with a hint of bourbon, which sleeps inside a Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon barrel.

Bourbon Mint Chocolate:

Featured coffee for Christmas. Merry Mint-mas and enjoy a fresh brew of Kentucky Knows Coffee. Perfect during those chilly mornings. Bring warmth to your day with notes of rich chocolate and a kiss of mint under the mistletoe.

Kentucky Knows

Coffee Flavors


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