Kentucky Knows bourbon


    At Kentucky Knows  we are passionate about one thing, creating purpose through our  hands!

We are a hand-crafted artisan studio located in the historical Distillery District of Lexington, Kentucky.  Our studio is situated in the heart of Town Branch inside the Old James Pepper Distillery.  It's here we bring bourbon barrels back to life by hand-crafting them to be functional pieces. 

 Passionate about environmentalism; we are always seeking methods of preservation in our work. Most importantly no living trees are sacrificed for our creations, all timber is reclaimed.

Additionally our reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon barrels are handcrafted into visions that tell a story about the tapestry of Kentucky and it's bourbon icons. So while visiting Kentucky please stop in and allow us to share our story of Kentucky through our handcrafted visions, we'll let our passion speak for itself!

We are so Kentucky Proud we decided to register our trademark Kentucky KNOWS with the Kentucky Secretary Of State.  Browse our hand-crafted web-site and you too will feel our passion and understand why Kentucky is so proud...

Kentucky KNOWS... Kentucky Knows Bourbon



                                                Hand-crafted by an American Veteran