A note from the creator:

Late one night I was crafting one of our reclaimed Kentucky bourbon barrels. Just as I started I heard a knock, the knock got louder as if someone was inside the bourbon barrel. As I started cutting the stave's the barrel head popped off and out came the KNOWS ...,the Kentucky Knows. He's always been inside the barrels, it took us to let him out.

A breakdown of our Kentucky Knows :

His body is hand-crafted from a reclaimed/recycled Kentucky Bourbon barrel.

The eyebrows are hand-crafted from a Kentucky Bourbon barrel and they are charred through and through.

We see horses in Kentucky! In the eyes are recycled bottle toppers in which Elmer T. Lee created from his Blanton's Bourbon bottles. The eyes showcase a jockey spurring our Kentucky Derby horse.

The corn nose (KNOWS) depicts an extra long ear of corn which represents the corn content of 51% or more in Kentucky bourbon

Branded on the tip of the CORN NOSE is a recycled 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon bottle topper, from the Barton Distillery in Kentucky.  Kentucky joined the union in 1792 and therefore the Commonwealth of Kentucky was born.

Embedded under the CORN NOSE and in the chest of our Kentucky Knows are the iconic bourbons of Kentucky.

Kentucky KNOWS...Kentucky Knows bourbon!

Hand-crafted by an American Veteran

Handcrafted from bourbon barrels

Our products are handcrafted from authentic Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon barrels.   

cutting boards

Our bourbon barrel cutting boards tell the story of what Kentucky Knows so well.


Barrel Heads

There is so much more we do to bring you Kentucky's story.